Shop and Compare

Shop and compare multiple PEOs

  • Evaluate multiple PEOs side-by-side
  • Free detailed financial analysis, 4 – 8 PEOs
  • Save up to 25% or more on PEO costs
  • Unbiased advice from PEO experts
Shop and compare PEO quickly and easily

Receive a custom-built financial analysis

at no cost to your company.

Our PEO experts will do a thorough side-by-side financial analysis and provide a comprehensive report to help you determine if a PEO will be beneficial and which PEO is right for your needs.

Our Process


Getting to Know You

We get to know your business and its unique needs.


The Prep Work Begins

We collect all documentation in order to streamline the underwriting process.


The Search is On

We search the top-tier PEOs to find the ones that may fit your business’ needs.

Leaving your PEO
PEO search and evaluation

Vendor Match Reports

We provide a qualitative synopsis of 5-8 PEOs, customized for your organization.

Financial Analysis

Compare all line items for each PEO. Includes aggressive price negotiations.

Finalist Presentations

We introduce you to 1-3 PEOs to review deliverables, tech demos, and timelines.

Proper Implementation is Key

We add value by providing free, ongoing support with industry expertise and best practices.

A Lifelong Partnership

We’re never done with you. iBenefitsHR is always intimately involved with your business and its needs, and always here for extra support or to expedite any necessary resolutions ensuring that you always have the best possible HR solutions.

Shop and compare PEO quickly and easily
no cost PEO comparison

Financial analysis of:

√ Employee Benefit Costs

√ Administrative Fees

√ Payroll Taxes & Credits

√ Workers Comp Insurance

√ Multi-Year Financial Calculators

√ Renewal Cost Estimators

√ Insurance Benefit Comparisons

Shop and compare multiple PEOs quickly and easily with our no-cost comparison service

shop & compare PEO