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PEO Comparison

Shopping, comparing, and finding the right PEO partner

PEO Renegotiation

Reducing the cost with your current PEO partner

PEO Extraction

Existing your PEO relationship the right way

Choosing the right PEO is a difficult decision

Selecting the wrong PEO will have a long-lasting negative impact on your business. We help you avoid the stresses of the evaluating process.

Our team helps you with the complicated process of evaluating numerous PEOs and their varying styles of billing, hidden costs, confusing services packages, and quoting techniques. We help remove the stress that comes with these evaluations each year.

Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)

Save Time and Money

With over 900 PEOs finding and comparing multiple vendors is exhausting. Our PEO experts’ team identifies your needs, allowing you to focus only on PEOs that align with your goals.

An Expert on Your Team

iBenefitsHR gives you the advantage of having a no-cost PEO expert on your team. We know what it takes to negotiate the best price and value for your business.

PEO Exit Strategy


When you exit a co-employment relationship, you will need to address many hurdles. It is essential to have a comprehensive strategy in place before you end the relationship because it could be costly and have legal ramifications for your company.


Legal Transition

It is not as simple as giving a 30-day notice. With an EIN change that comes with leaving a PEO, a new set of legal and financial responsibilities comes to light. Our team will help evaluate if a transition makes sense and help make it a smooth one.

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