Our Unique Approach

When it comes to finding a PEO for your company, there are some unique reasons that business owners and C-level executives choose to work with iBenefitsHR.

There is No-Cost Working With iBenefitsHR

The benefits of working with iBenefitsHR are so unique that our clients are always shocked when they find out that using our services is entirely free.

We are here to find a PEO more manageable by eliminating multiple sales reps and quotes from various vendors and doing everything from start to finish to find the best programs available.

Two Different Approaches

Work With iBenefitsHR

Work With Multiple PEOs

Custom Solutions

We help you narrow down the best PEO options based on your specific needs

No Roadmap

Perform exhaustive and time-consuming research to determine which PEOs to RFP

Simplified Process

Input your RFP information into a single, centralized data collection portal

Fractured Process

Send you RFP information to each PEO individually using separate and multiple applications

Inside Connections

Get introduced to a preferred PEO point-of-contact directly through us for VIP treatment


Get assigned a random point-of-contact by a PEO company

Top Quality

Get priority PEO services due to our deep relationship and broad client base

Standard Offering

Get a level of PEO services based on your company and account size

Comprehensive Reports

Receive a robust and detailed analysis where we compare the top PEO matches for you line item by line item

Confusing Comparisons

Receive individual quotes from multiple PEOs that are difficult to compare and constrast

Peace of Mind

Feel confident that you are receiving the best prices compared to market standards

Laborious Research

Conduct time-intensive research to try to understand if you have received competitive pricing

The Best of the Best

Only speak to the PEOs that have been pre-screened by us to be a potential fit for your business

Overwhelming Options

Speak to multiple PEOs, many of which may not be a potential fit for your business

One-on-One Support

Use us as your coach and advisor with insider knowledge as you negotiate with PEOs

Weaker Positioned

Negotiate with PEOs on your own

Expert Insight

Access our insight and oversight as you implement your PEO of choice

PEO Dependence

Depend solely on your PEO during the rollout and implementation

Answers to Your Questions

Reach out to us post-PEO implementation for any questions or help

On Your Own

Rely on your PEO for 100% service delivery with no access to third-party advocacy or insight

To Save Time and Money

Finding a PEO is an incredibly time-consuming process. Evaluating multiple PEO providers means dealing with numerous salespeople, various methods, and sifting through numerous quotes.

Working with iBenefitsHR eliminates numerous salespeople by managing the entire process to produce the best solution for your company.

To Eliminate The Hassle Of A Quoting Process

iBenefitsHR doesn’t just provide quotes. Instead, we take the time to know what is essential to our clients and custom design solutions that best meet their needs.

From our initial discovery call to the closing documents and everything in between, we manage the entire process. We are your go-to PEO consultant for our relationship’s life and help you with any issues that may come up with the provider.

To Have Peace Of Mind

We have built and developed relationships with over 30 PEOs nationwide and have more than 17 years of PEO knowledge and expertise to offer our clients. Also, we have licensed health agents. We know how to use our resources to leverage and build the best programs available.

To Have One Point Of Contact

Our services include after-the-sale-support. We are your go-to contact for service issues, renewal, and benefits enrollment support.

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