Benefits Software

Save time and money by taking your benefits to the cloud

Having an online tool for benefit enrollment is the standard employees are coming to expect. As the demographics of the workforce continue to skew younger, the way you bring new employees into your company and get them enrolled in their employee benefits will become more and more important to them. Combining iBenefitsHR HR and benefits expertise with our enrollment and administration platform, the result is Fortune 500 level employee experience for companies of all sizes.

Our online solution enables employees to seamlessly enroll in and manage their own benefits and allows your company to go completely paperless. Employees can use the mobile app to access their benefits and stay healthy throughout the year. 

Common Challenges Our Benefit Software Solves

  • Navigating complexities of HR and benefits

  • Handling the mess of paperwork that accompanies open enrollment

  • Giving employees an easy, streamlined benefits enrollment experience

  • Dealing with employee questions about benefits throughout the year

  • Improving employee health resulting in lower costs for the employer

  • Engaging employees in actually using their benefits


Get a Look Inside: Watch an On-Demand Demo of Maxwell Health

What’s in it for employers? Access to technology for year-round benefits and HR simplification. Easily manage your full suite of benefits and add new voluntary benefits without administrative burden. Employees love the intuitive enrollment experience and convenient access to benefits information.